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Posted on October 14, 2011 by Barb

Contact information for Barb Darbey, Owner/Trainer

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From Breeding To Training

Posted on October 14, 2011 by Barb

Producing the Total Package
We believe that there are three very important keys to a well-rounded Rottweiler.

  1. Overall Temperament
  2. Socialization
  3. Training

A primary concern in any breeding program should be Temperament. A good Rottweiler should fit into any family situation, be kind, gentle, and easily trained, as well as having enough heart to protect their family and friends.

After obtaining a puppy with a good temperament, it is key to provide Socialization, beginning at an early age! It is our belief that even a Rottweiler with sound genetics will come to dislike strangers if not properly socialized.

Another key to round out good temperament and socialization is Training. Even a friendly, outgoing Rottweiler can be both intimidating and potentially hazardous if it knocks down and tramples people, especially children and the elderly.

Although we were producing good Rottweilers with good genetics, I could see that there was a need for training puppies before they went home. There were already other top quality Rottweiler breeders like my mother, Roberta (Barclay Farms Rottweiler Central), so I decided to stop breeding and offer training.

We highly recommend continued training and socialization as part of your puppy's lifestyle, whether you obtain training through us or another source!

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