My Dog Is Missing: Who Do I Contact?

Posted on September 30, 2012 by Barb

Tips For Finding Your Lost Dog

If your dog comes up missing, it can be very scary, even if s/he hasn’t been stolen! Here’s a short list of people you may want to contact to assist your search:

Neighbors may have seen your dog running loose, or may have seen suspicious activity. Be sure to keep your dog on-leash/contained so when s/he is running loose, your neighbors will know to contact you!

Animal Shelters will not know to call you if your dog isn’t wearing a collar with id/license attached, and s/he isn’t chipped. You would be surprised how many people never think to call the animal shelters or dog pound!

Police may be of assistance even when your dog hasn’t been stolen. Officers both in cars and on foot can call if they have spotted a loose dog fitting your dog’s description.

Area Veterinarians should be informed, also. This is where a microchip is once again important: if the vet takes in a dog fitting your dog’s description, whether as a “new” client or an accident victim, s/he can scan the dog to check for microchip id.

Local Newspapers Believe it or not, I have seen the description for a lost dog be an exact match for the description of a found dog appear in the same column of the newspaper. More than once.

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